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Say goodbye to ₹1000/hr  personal financial advisors.

With FinDoze's content based advisory, we are making financial knowledge a common sense for everybody.

Get genuine and promotion free advisory for just Rs 54 for two full weeks with our content bundle. Designed specifically for you, by CAs and economists.


With Content on everything finance related:
Insurance, investment, income tax, personal finance etc

And get free consultation on Insurance, Investment and Income tax.
All just at Rs 54!


Ravichandran C

Analyst at Standard Chartered

These guys are are doing something new and great, never have I read contents bundled and specifically designed for me or never has it been in such a simplified influencer style content format.

I'm definitely buying the next one!

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Aravind G

Business executive at Neurostellar

A bundle of content personalized for my goals. I quickly peeked through the pages and found the content tailored for me. It’s quite nimble and easy to grasp concepts.

At such a price, this is what value for money looks like.

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Why do you need this?


Finding finance complex?

Not interested in reading finance news and articles. 🙌Me too. But it is a necessary knowledge to survive in today's world. That's why we turned them into influencer style simplified content in the form of reels, slides, videos, games etc


Confused with so many suggestions

We understand. We get a lot of suggestions and ideas from our family and friends while taking a financial decision like investing or buying an insurance. FinDoze diffuses this confusion with the first ever content bundle that has its content collected and tailored specifically based on your financial goals and requirements, like your own personal financial advisor does!

Financial advisory are too expensive?


Its not a Rs 999 or Rs 99 per bundle.

There is literally no "9" in our pricing

Its just Rs 54

Click Here
And get free consultation on Insurance, Investment and Income tax.
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