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About FinDoze

So, with out product, we aim to reduce the time that you take to make an informed financial decision while increasing its accuracy


To manage our finances properly we need to take care of five major aspects of it, which are Earning, saving, Investing, Insurance, Income tax and spending. This demands a significant amount of time and knowledge to do it correctly. 


We are a new type of content bundle that acts as a personal financial advisor for you to help you out with the 6 tasks of finance. The content bundle will be specifically designed for you every 2 weeks by a financial planner based on your financial goals and commitments. It will come with you name on it. We help you with investment, insurance, income tax and personal finance related decision making. The cost of one bundle just Rs 54. But we do not sell any insurance, loan or real estate for commission. We do not tie up with any financial company for such activities

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CIIC, Peerkankaranai, Near Vandalur Zoo, Chennai - 68 

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